This project began in 2020 and was presented to the public for the first time as part of the exhibition “The forest of metallic animals”, at the Convent de les Arts (2022), in the form of a sound and visual installation. Also in 2022, it was selected as a project in residence at the Eufonic festival in collaboration with the Lo Pati art center. During the residency, I worked on the piece “Jota dels bancals en tres actes”, which could be seen during the Eufónic festival live, and which collects the sounds of the plants typical of El Delta de l’Ebre looking for a relationship with the traditional jota ebrenca and its gloses, along with a midi diatonic accordion.

“Silva loquens” (in Latin, “talking forest”) is a long-term project that links art, technology and nature, and that has taken shape in different artistic projects that start from this technology. The aim of the project is to explore the relationship between technology and science and nature: from the ancestral connection to its perception as a resource to be exploited.

It is well known that plants communicate with each other through electrical impulses and that they react to external stimuli. Tree roots emit sounds at a frequency of 220 Hz and nearby roots are directed towards the source of the sound. This action is reproducible even if the emitter of this sound is artificial. We also know that music or a conversation with a plant benefits its development: in fact, we can establish that frequencies between 100 Hz and 500 Hz favor the germination and growth of plants and we are clear that in forests the networks of underground hyphae are, what we would call in human language, a Wood Wide Web.

In this project, the aim is to capture the electrical impulses of the plants. These frequencies, unconscious impulses, speak for themselves and vary depending on the time of year, the moon, the sun, the humidity or the maturity of the plant, for example. It is a silent dialogue, which with this project I intend to make perceptible to humans by transforming it into music and images.